Taking notes often gets messy and wasteful using numerous notebooks and inks or digital tools that lack conventional writing experience. What if we could have the traditional note-taking experience with no harm to the environment and digital record of our ideas? Meet nuka and note-down your thoughts anywhere using your favourite eternal pencil (and notebook)! Nuka is eternal stationery, including an eternal metal pencil developed by the Concepter team. When creating the nuka pencil, our team had two main priorities set in mind - exceptional design and user experience.
Pursuing the first goal, we have created the design that embodies classic modernity and presents itself innovatively and timelessly. No wonder it has captured the attention of the World recognised designers and was awarded as a Red Dot Winner in 2019.
Secondly, our team combined the strength with delicacy. The Durability of nuka was designed as an infinite pencil that could be used for centuries to come. Our team has designed nuka pencil heavy and light at the same time, integrating a weighting compound at the ending for the unique writing experience. When creating a pencil, we used a soft, anodised aluminium for the gentle touch and smooth lines. It writes using a metal tip, which oxidises the paper and thus leaves a mark.

When you see nuka stationery, it's hard to resist and this excitement has been converted into $335k raised on crowdfunding platforms.
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering
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