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Consumers of a new generation are willing to perform daily tasks via smartphone which impacts on shopping patterns as well. Spoiled with a personalised approach, the new type of consumer expects seamless and tailored digital user experience both online and offline. The consumer of a new generation is annoyed by a variety of payments and loyalty cards to be carried and irrelevant or unclear promotion and loyalty mechanisms. From the other side, retail faces missed opportunities and extra expenses due to not matching consumer expectations with its solutions.

JetBeep is a smart payment and loyalty device. It combines loyalty, personalised solutions and cash-backs for the higher engagement of a customer in an offline store.

Highlighting the key benefits of the product, our main goal within the project was to create a functional and interactive device that will enable an extraordinary customer experience for offline shops, both payment and loyalty procession.

Our team has created a smart design for the very active usability that meets the best ergonomics standards. Following the size requirements, the Concepter team has developed a very compact and bright device with a super space-efficient design of the circuit board and the maximised lightning surface. To perform the transaction verification function, our team has empowered JetBeep with absolutely uniform lightning and customised brand sound. Length, width, depth are perfectly selected to grant a simple and engaging interaction with the device. Finally, the device doesn’t require NFC which expands the compatibility.

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