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Fashion is very dynamic. What is always trendy is simplicity, elegance and compatibility. Still, it’s quite complicated to have the right accessory for every apparel in the wardrobe. But what if only one piece of jewellery could perfectly match with any outfit? Meet iGlam, smart jewellery that is going to make you shine bright in colours.

iGlam is an intelligent ring, the result of the synergy between traditional jewellery art and technology. Embedded with technology, the iGlam ring changes its colour to complete a fashion look.

Our team has been invited to create a unique device – an elegant smart ring with beauty and fashionability as its core features. The main objective was to fit electronics within a very limited space and keep the ring petite and light.

Considering the shape of the ring, 925 silver shell and natural quartz gemstones, one of the challenges was to achieve proper Bluetooth functioning by ensuring a high-quality signal. Finally, the ring is accessible by the app in any possible angle.

Our engineers have successfully encountered the energy consumption challenge through an optimisation of the product design. Tiny device required comparatively large power so at the electronic design stage our team has achieved the maximum efficiency mindfully applying every microamp.

The core function – radiant shining and colour appliance – was implemented with multiple integrations of LEDs. At this stage, our team has successfully dealt with the highest level of consistency when lightning the gemstone. As a result, the ring shines brighter and looks more diverse than traditional gems and adapts any possible colour or its shade (any shade, seriously!) through the iGlam app.

Our engineers have developed a whole smart jewellery infrastructure, creating a modular device that transforms into a ring, a necklace or earrings, and a special jewellery box serving as a charging case with a battery autonomy up to 10 hours.

The iGlam ring is a cherry on the cake when it comes to a fashion look. Its simplicity, elegance and technology integration has deserved the Red Dot Design shortlist in 2020.

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