Who we are
We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine
It is one of the best places to design and develop tech. Historically and culturally, Ukrainians have a strong technical background, especially, in hardware.
Want to work with us?
The best way to be a truthful partner is to be straight about business processes. One of the tools we use for that is a tracking software that enables our clients to see what is being done in real-time.
We are actively pushing the hardware innovations in Ukraine.
The Concepter has established an acceleration program acting in partnership with local responsible businesses. The program has provided fundings, mentoring and technical support to emerging Ukrainian startups.
We are working in a renovated factory.
We focus on being mindful in every decision we make. One of those decisions is to design an office in a renovated motorcycle factory.
We work only with passionate people.
We are a team of hardware tech enthusiasts. We believe that the best performance could be demonstrated only by people who are passionate about their job.
We're proud to be pioneers of the crowdfunding movement. Our company has started with iblazr crowdfunding project in 2013 that has transformed into an amazing Concepter's journey
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